Fresh and Free • SU Fest 19 • Club Nights

Welcome Fresh & Free!

We like to welcome our freshers to Swansea in serious style, with the BIGGEST FRESHERS’ ONLY event in the country!

We’re transforming Fulton House into the ULTIMATE party destination. Picture this, 1000s of first years partying together under one roof, dancing to the best anthems, stunning visuals and slick effects – without a second or third year in sight (trust us, they’ll be seriously jealous they’re not allowed in)!

This is the perfect opportunity to meet the people you’ll be friends with for years to come – and the ones you’ll never ever see again until you bump into them at graduation.

And the best thing of all? It’s FREE for all freshers!! Make sure you grab your free Fresh & Free t-shirt when you arrive, so that you can represent your residence for the year – Bay, Park, HSV or City.



Fulton House Swansea University
Swansea SA2 8PR