Homecoming: 2nd & 3rd Year Party! • SU Fest 19 • Club Nights

So you’re coming home?! 

Say farewell to the Summer you and welcome back to the Sinner you. Prepare yourself for your Homecoming… 🏡

Celebrate the New Student Year in Style – confetti, explosions and the soundtrack to your student life! Dance with your mates and mime to Auld Lang Syne at midnight because, let’s face it, no-one knows the words anyway… 🎉

⌚ Arrive Early… 

Be a part of the legendary Sin Queue! No good night can truly begin unless you’ve belted out your favourite tunes with your newest queue friends – all while the Sin bouncers judge you worse than Judy herself. 

👚 Dress for success… 

Just ask yourself, will this outfit still look as good when I’ve doused it in VK Orange and power slid across the Sin dancefloor? Chances are that it won’t but remember ‘’drunk you’’ might just be cool with it anyway! ‘’Drunk you’’ is always cool. 

🕺🏽 Bring your best moves… 

Dance like no-ones watching. They may be watching but they’ll be admiring. You are a dancefloor prodigy! Safety first… You know the score… Sin Stairs. 

💬 Talk the Talk… 

Jager Bombs are perhaps the best conversation starter. Opinions best forgotten and promises made to broken


You’ll be hot and sweaty, your makeup will run, something’s just dripped on you and there’s something questionable in the corner… but you’re back where you belong and with the people you belong there with and that’s all that matters. You’ll have the night of your life just living in the moment, which is exactly what a Homecoming is all about. 

🎟 Tickets

ADV £3 | OTD £5

Much Love
Ents, Big G & The Sin City Team


Sin City 14-16 Dillwyn St
Swansea SA1 4AQ