Quids IN: Capt. Morgan’s Shipwreck Island

Monday night is going to be EPIC 🙌

Shipwreck Island is coming to Fiction

Expect a night of giveaways, hidden treasure and RUM! 🥤.

Quids IN will be fully transformed into a shipwreck Island this Monday with full venue decor, loads of giveaways, and of course you usual weekly treats such as:

£1 VK’s & £1 Drinks before midnight

TED the Quids IN Bear


£1 Entry Tickets

£1 Society Booths

and 3 rooms of the best music to start your week the right way.

Swansea University’s Official Monday Night

Get your tickets from: https://www.fictionclub.co.uk/swansea/11-11-2019/c…Quids IN: Capt. Morgan’s Shipwreck Island


Fiction Little Wind St
Swansea SA1 1ED