Quids In: ft Tracey Beaker

Yes you read that correctly, Tracey Beaker will be joining us at Quids In on Monday 14th October!!!. Your Monday just got even better.

Come and see a true childhood hero.

Drinks Offers: (Before Midnight)

£1 VK’s

£1.50 Desperados

£1.50 Jagerbombs

£1.50 Single Vodka & Red Bull

£2.50 Double Vodka & Red Bull

£1.50 Amaretto

£1.00 Gordons Gin

3 rooms of the best music in town:

Fiction: House/Dance/Chart/Bass

Vinyl: All things cheese/POP & Party

Curve: The best in hip hop/r’n’b & Grime

Tickets: www.fictionclub.co.uk/swansea/14-10-2019/quids-in

Tickets from £1


Fiction Little Wind St
Swansea SA1 1ED