Quids In: I’m A Student, Get Me To Fiction

Your weekly Quids In Monday is heading down under with this special edition. Will you be brave enough to take part in our on stage Bush Tucker Trials?.

Don’t forget, Ted the Quids In Bear will be giving out Free Mcdonalds during the night and helping serve you your £1 VK’s before midnight.

Societies can book a booth for your social for just £1!!!!

Swansea University’s Official Monday Night

Drinks Offers b4 Midnight:

£1 VK’s

£1 Stella

£1.50 Jagerbombs

£1.50 Desporado

£1.50 Single Vodka & Red Bull

£2.50 Double Vodka & Red Bull

£1.50 Amaretto

£1.60 Single Gin & Juice

£2.60 Double Gin & Juice

£1.50 Jack Daniels

£1.50 Gordons Gin

£1.50 Morgans White Rum


Fiction Little Wind St
Swansea SA1 1ED